Love to Travel? These Are the Highest-Paying Careers That Let You See the World

Do you spend most of the year at your nine-to-five desk job waiting for your two weeks of vacation? Why not get paid to travel the world instead? While most careers that let you travel aren’t high-paying (think English teachers, au pairs, or tour guides), some careers offer six figures, plus the chance to see the world.

Daily Life In The Carribean

  1. Cruise Ship Director

Spending your time running a cruise ship means you’ll get paid to go to destinations all over the world. The cruise ship director is responsible for producing and running events like live performances, parties, and lectures, as well as speaking during those events to represent the cruise line.

The average salary for a cruise ship director is $136,000, so you can expect to have plenty of spending money when the ship docks. It’s like being a hotel manager, except that the hotel floats.


2. Foreign Affairs Officer

For those interested in international affairs, working for the U.S. State Department as a foreign affairs officer may be ideal. In this position, you can expect to be assigned to any embassy around the world and specialize in management, public, economic, consular, or political diplomacy.

To get this position, you’ll have to take the foreign service officer test (FSOT), which you can only take once a year. It’ll test your knowledge on global affairs and problem solving, and takes three hours to complete. But for an average salary of nearly $95,000, that’s not asking for much.

Latin american hotel receptionist taking a phonecall

3. Hotel Manager

This job’s title is fairly straightforward — the hotel manager makes sure every aspect of a hotel is running smoothly, which is no small task. Managers are rooted to their hotel, which can be located in any part of the world, but routinely travel abroad for conferences.

A career in hospitality is required to move up the ranks in this industry, but if you reach the top, your salary will be somewhere around $114,000.

Dental receptionist taking telephone call at reception desk

4. Luxury Travel Advisor

Travel agents are a thing of the past now that the internet offers easy bookings, deals, and recommendations. But luxury travel advisors fill a niche that still exists — where should the rich go when they want to get away from it all?

Typically, advisors partner with five-star hotels or work personally with the rich and famous to find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions. It can take some time to earn $100,000, because connections in the exclusive world of luxury travel are often needed.


5. Travel Publicist

Like most publicists, this job requires maintaining a relationship with the media. You’ll be representing anyone from hotels to airlines to cruise lines, managing their image with the press.

A vice president at a travel PR agency makes nearly $119,000, and living a lavish lifestyle to woo journalists isn’t so bad, either.

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